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I’m Sarah a freelance writer and blogger specialising in family life, learning, freelance working and wellbeing.

I offer audio transcription, online research and proofreading services.

I’ve been writing professionally since 2005, for clippings and details of my publications, please visit “Sarah in Print & Online”. I also write and curate the popular blog ALifeMoreLived.

I’m Welsh-born and Lancashire dwelling and when I’m not working like nothing more than getting out in the wonderful surroundings by walking or cycling.

My ideal clients:

  • Arts/Humanities/Social Science/Education based academics, writers, journalists and publications
  • Small charities working with children and families

What you’ll get from me:

  • I don’t sub-contract any work, you’ll always work with me
  • If I’m not able to help with a particular task, I’ll give you the details of someone I trust who can
  • When I’m working for you I’ll only be working for you
  • Honest, open, high-quality work and feedback

Please spend some time exploring my website and finding out about me and contact me if I can help you add that extra something to your business.